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Lenten Mission
Fast As You Can
Feb 24 - Apr 6 | 2023
Join us this Lent as we pray for peace in Ukraine and a change of heart for its oppressors. 



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Hope Aloud (Card)

Chalice in Schools
Hope Aloud
May 15 - Jun 2 | 2023
Join Chris Bray's musical faith tour in Vancouver schools.



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Love in the Kitchen (card)

Corpus Christi
Love in the Kitchen
Join Catholics from around the world in discovering the recipe for holiness.


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Parish Appeals (card)

Corpus Christi

Parish Appeals

Learn how parishes throughout Canada are participating to support our Child Sponsorship programs and how you can help.


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St. Anthony (card)

Feast Days

St. Anthony

June 13

Join us in offering prayers of thanksgiving through the intercession of St. Anthony, whose loving kindness to the poor is mirrored.



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Mary, Mother of the Church (card)

Feast Days
Mary, Mother of the Church
June 6
Mary Mother of the Church: Join our worldwide Chalice community as we reflect and renew our consecration to Christ through our patron, Mary, Mother of the Church.




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A fundraiser for Ukraine  (card)

A fundraiser for Ukraine
May 26
Join Chalice and Nashville musician Morgan Myles in a benefit concert for Chalice’s sites in Ukraine!



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About Chalice Events


Chalice Events is the place for Catholic events that will help you grow in faith, meet other people on the same journey, and feel inspired to make the world a better place. Supported by Chalice, a Catholic child sponsorship and international aid organization.


About Chalice

Chalice is a Top International Aid Development Charity in Canada. Chalice supports 52 sponsorship sites in 14 countries throughout the world, providing direct aid to nearly 50,000 children.

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